Personal Training

Personal Training

A unique Personal Training experience is available at PWPT.

If you have recently completed successful rehab at Pace West PT, have a significant orthopedic/injury history or just know that your movement capacity is lacking then our personal training service is for you. We offer a medically supervised/supportive atmosphere that puts the focus on your individual challenges, needs and goals.

At PWPT we are in the business of optimizing human movement ……now and for the long term. The PWPT treatment continuum acknowledges that our bodies need care throughout our lifetime: during stages of injury and prevention. We have been in the business of rehabilitation for many years but we recognize the obvious: prevention is the optimal approach to healthcare.

Our physical therapists are movement experts and are an integral part of our certified personal trainer’s educational experience. You can be assured that our trainers have access to our therapists to ensure that your personal training program will be sophisticated, professional, safe and effective.

Our approach to personal training is to initially clean up poor movement habits then hard wire and build your optimal movement patterns. True neuromusculoskeletal health starts with freeing up your structural limitations (tissue issues) and reprogramming your nervous systems faulty movement patterns (tiring wiring). It is upon this platform that a personal training program delivers true neuromuscular health and why the combination of PWPT physical therapy evaluation(and possibly a few physical therapy sessions) followed by personal training sessions deliver professional care.

Current Pace West PT Clients:

Take advantage of the PWPT treatment continuum and take it to the next level.

Following your rehabilitation at PWPT, your personal trainer will work closely with your physical therapist to personalize a program based upon your injury history, current fitness status and performance goals.

Past clients or those new to PWPT:

If you are not currently receiving physical therapy at PWPT, schedule a neuromusculoskeletal evaluation with one of our PT’s to maximally benefit from our personal training service.

Unfortunately, we have treated many clients who have suffered overuse injury from their fitness routines. Fitness activity, by definition, is supposed to make us stronger not expose our weaknesses.

An evaluation with a Pace West PT will ensure that your personal training sessions will build up and not break down any of your mechanically vulnerable areas.


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