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Darcy Pace MS, P.T. has over 20 years of experience completing successful ergonomic assessments on hundreds of clients from guitar makers to master gardeners. So, whether you have a desk job or work as an esthetician, speak to your physical therapist or call Pace West Physical Therapy today to see if a work or play place evaluation is what the doctor ordered.

Our Service

Darcy will visit your place of work or play and observe you in action. She will help uncover the physical stressors contributing to your discomfort. She will provide solutions and make recommendations that will help ease your discomfort and put you on a road to a more enjoyable experience while you work and play.

After your evaluation you will get your very own written report with these findings.


See Servicing Prices for cost.

  • Per hour travel charges for travel outside of Boulder County.
  • Businesses/human resource departments frequently cover these charges for their employees.
Read the success stories of some of our clients:

"For years I thought that the pain I experienced while working was something I would just have to endure and that one day I would simply have to find a new career. After spending one hour with Darcy and putting her advice into action, my shoulder pain is essentially gone."

- D.S.

"My Doctor told me I was going to have to quit my job, thanks to Darcy’s evaluation, I am still going strong!"

- Susan G.

"My passion for music is what fuels me. I don’t know what I would have done without Darcy’s help in learning how to use my body more efficiently while playing my many instruments, Thanks a million!"

- M.R.S.

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