Foundation Training

Foundation Training

Have you heard the buzz? Foundation Training is sweeping the nation!

Dr. Eric Goodman, chiropractor and creator of Foundation Training, has put together a series of movements designed to help us rediscover and awaken our forgotten gold mine; the all-powerful “sleeping dragon of movement wisdom” - the posterior chain.

Re-engaging the posterior chain will help replace low back pain, poor posture, andcomplacent movement patterns with more comfort, better habits, and an efficient movement style that will bring a smile to your face.

What to expect:

Darcy Pace, MS, PT has learned this system from Eric himself and blends it with her 25 years of experience as a PT, movement specialist, and yoga practitioner. She will guide you in a private session or suggest you join her Foundation class so that you can begin immediately to experience the joys of hip hinging, decompression breathing, and moving from a pain-free place.

Get Straight! Fight Gravity!

Tuesdays: 12:00 -1pm
Maximum eight students per class

Must have permission to join class

Cost: $19.00

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