The Pace West Evaluation

The Pace West Evaluation

Do you feel that the current western medical model is not serving your orthopedic needs efficiently or effectively? Are you seeking a non-“pharma,” non-invasive medical approach that excludes many of the over prescribed, expensive, and high exposure diagnostic tests? If so, come experience the most comprehensive and accurate orthopedic musculoskeletal work-up in town! Our Doctors of Physical Therapy, Certified Orthopedic Specialists and Movement Experts are exceptional diagnosticians and practitioners for a reason…we have the highest degree of training, extensive years of experience, and we take the necessary time to use both to serve you. We know our clients. Our PTs collectively have over 100 years of outpatient experience treating the Front Range population. Since our humble beginning, we have administered over 80,000 successful treatments! That’s almost the entire population of Boulder!! Pace West PT is your natural entry point into the healthcare system for your orthopedic needs; mounting evidence proves:

”Experienced physical therapists have higher levels of knowledge in managing musculoskeletal conditions than medical students, physician interns and residents, and all physician specialists, except for orthopaedists.” (Childs et al. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 17 June 2005)

Think of us as your “GO TO” musculoskeletal consultants. Our evaluations help you achieve the following goals:

Save time and money: With an accurate diagnosis from the start, you can begin effective intervention programs that are diagnosis specific; saving time and money by finding the root cause of your problem. Current scientific evidence supports the cost-effectiveness of physical therapy when it comes to treating the majority of musculoskeletal problems, including advanced spinal pathologies.

Gain trustworthy referrals: As experts in differential diagnosis, we can quickly determine if your condition falls outside the scope of our expertise. If so, we have long standing relationships with the best healthcare providers in the Front Range region. This strong referral system is an invaluable service we offer to our clients.

Achieve peace of mind: After your “therapeutic consultation” you will know your likely diagnosis, prognosis, and most importantly how you can begin the healing process!

Decrease exposures: Many traditional medical interventions involve unnecessary, high-risk tests and treatments (drugs, radiation, injections and surgery)

After you experience The Pace West Evaluation, here is an idea of what you will leave with:

  • A sound understanding of your condition explained in your language as we educate by using models, text, and the most technologically advanced 3-D anatomy apps created
  • A physical therapy based diagnosis or, if necessary, a referral to a top line medical provider for further diagnostics if needed
  • A medical prognosis to give you an idea of how long this condition may require to recover or resolve
  • A plan of care, designed with your input
  • A clear picture of your insurance coverage and out of pocket expenses
  • Future appointments scheduled out
  • Initial, non-symptom producing corrective exercises via handouts or video
  • Self care techniques including pain/inflammation management, ergonomic changes, sleeping positions, and a list of "what not to do" to immediately help the healing process
  • Dietary/Supplemental guidelines
  • Modalities and over the counter anti inflammatory prescription
  • Access to online video newsletters and health/wellness news updates via our social media links
  • A peace of mind that your health is in the hands of trustworthy and compassionate providers

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