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"I highly recommend Erin Rhodes at Pace West Physical Therapy. I’ve been working with Erin twice a week for the past 8 weeks doing Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) therapy to recover from an injury. She coordinates with my PT about what muscle groups to focus on for my recovery. Then she turns that information into a fun and effective workout using BFR. She uses her personal training experience to adjust the workout to my needs and ability each session. Her friendliness and sense of humor make our sessions that much more enjoyable. I have made substantial progress in my recovery, and a big part of that is thanks to working with Erin. "
Nov 01, 2020
"Mary Schubert 1 review 11 minutes ago-Edit I would like to compliment Pace West on the detail they take to make sure one is improving on the problem that has brought them in. I had the pleasure of working with Hannah and Chris West also who were helping me address balance issues that were a problem. Both of these terrific folks were so helpful as I was taking some serious falls. I feel I am now out of the woods and hiking and playing lots of tennis with no problems. They address a different mindset to handling these problems as well as very helpful balance exercises. The combination has me feeling confident that I can resume my very active lifestyle . I hope anyone looking for a great Physical Therapy center will take a look at their office. The staff is also wonderful and they are very careful about taking care of the present safety issues. Best health!! Mary Schubert 11 minutes ago - Edit I would like to compliment Pace West on the detail they take to make sure one is improving on the problem that has brought them in. I had the pleasure of working with Hannah and Chris West also who were helping me address balance issues that were a problem. Both of these terrific folks were so helpful as I was taking some serious falls. I feel I am now out of the woods and hiking and playing lots of tennis with no problems. They address a different mindset to handling these problems as well as very helpful balance exercises. The combination has me feeling confident that I can resume my very active lifestyle . I hope anyone looking for a great Physical Therapy center will take a look at their office. The staff is also wonderful and they are very careful about taking care of the present safety issues. Best health!! Mary Schubert"
Sep 07, 2020
"Sometimes you walk into a place and quickly feel entirely at ease, especially important when you've got something wrong with your body. From reception to office management to PT staff, the owners of Pace West have hired a team with that je ne sais quoi of working with human beings in a way that's as close to perfection as i\I can imagine. Thank you Joe for helping me to heal and deal with a problem others have had less luck with, And thank you Darcy for creating PACE WEST, a rare find, for sure."
Sep 01, 2020
"I have been a client at Pace/West PT for over 10 years. I see Nathan Butryn for massage therapy and Trevor Pace for physical therapy. I've received excellent care from both of these practitioners and would highly recommend the clinic if you're in need of their specialized services. All the workers at the clinic are friendly and helpful. It's a very relaxed environment and I'm confident that you'll be happy with your treatment."
May 08, 2020
"I had a pinched nerve and was having a lot of pain just as the stay-at-home rules for the virus went into place. It was a blessing that Pace West stayed open and offered treatment during this time. They took great care to keep everyone safe and were able to release my pinched nerve and give me relief. I am grateful that they were willing to still serve the community during this challenging time. "
Apr 29, 2020
"Trevor is an outstanding therapist. My back and neck were a mess before I went to his practice Now I feel so much better, stronger and pain free. The yoga from pace west is also excellent."
Apr 29, 2020
"Joe has been my physical therapist for several months for both pre and post total hip replacement surgery and for post fractured wrist surgery. He is consistently pleasant and supportive. Joe's encouragement about my recovery is very helpful to my healing. I am so glad to have finally found a physical therapist with so much knowledge, expertise, and patience. Thanks Joe!!!!"
Oct 01, 2019
"Everyone I’ve seen here is wonderful, especially Katy who has worked kindly and tirelessly with me for 6 years. She’s miraculously kept scoliosis and related issues at bay so I can continue to run, ski, bike and hike, even in retirement! "
Sep 07, 2019
"I’ve been coming here for years every time I get injured, and have always left in better shape. Everyone I’ve worked with is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and compassionate. From bursitis in my knee with Chris, a pinched nerve in my upper back with Katie, to knee surgery rehab with Christina and Jenny (Hi Jenny!), I’ve always received the highest quality treatment and can confidently recommend Pacewest PT. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "
Sep 05, 2019
"As a retired Physical Therapist who knew and worked with Darcy and Trevor over 30 years ago and who has watched them grow in expertise over the years, I recommend them to anyone who asks me for a PT. When I experienced severe back and left leg pain last fall, I depended on them to help me figure out treatments. Thankfully, when injections from a highly skilled Physiatrist did not help and back surgery was contemplated, Trevor continued treating me and encouraging me as things gradually calmed down. His skill with dry needling, manual therapies, stretching and strengthening finally took all the pain away and now I am nearly back to normal. Over the years, I have also had treatments from other therapists at Pace West and have been completely satisfied. This is the best place to go for Physical Therapy in Boulder!"
Apr 30, 2019
"After overuse of my hamstrings at the gym, I was unable to walk minimal distances and couldn’t begin to even walk fast much less run for 1 ½ years. I’d seen a physical therapist who gave me stretches and exercises to do, which I did religiously, and then I’d always overdo it and be right back where I started, not being able to walk far. A friend recommended Chris West. With his knowledge and expertise, he figured out the unique problem. It wasn’t my hamstrings, but the nervous system around the hamstrings. Chris was encouraging and positive, educating and explaining to me in lay terms my condition. From my first appointment I had hope again! Chris worked with me not only to heal my legs, but gave me exercises to continue to improve and strengthen my legs so I can be active again. The entire staff is positive and encouraging. Thank you Chris for giving me my life back. "
Mar 18, 2019
"Pace West was recommended by my doctor in preparation for my rotator cuff surgery and PT after. I couldn't be happier with the quality of treatment. From my first meeting I knew that I was in good hands. Jenny Ferris prepared an evaluation and exercise routine to help get me ready for surgery. As she explained, having strength and range of motion before surgery would help me afterwards. Following the surgery Jenny showed her experience every step of the way. From initial treatments to exercise routines it all made sense and worked. The entire staff made me feel welcome and the encouragement and positive attitudes were a tremendous help. I highly recommend Pace West and thank them all!"
Dec 10, 2018
"I have been a client of Pace West for different issues at different points in time over the past 20 years. Every physical therapist who I have seen there has been excellent in their therapy and suggestions for home exercises, as well as being personable and responsive. Currently I'm seeing Jenny Ferris after having rotator cuff shoulder surgery and couldn't be more pleased with her expertise and service. If you have a shoulder problem, don't hesitate to make an appointment with her! "
Nov 21, 2018
"I am a medical doctor and Chris West has been my physical therapist for decades. I totally trust him with my body, and he teaches me about my body almost every visit. I keep going back when needed, and at age 71 this does come up again and again. Chris has helped me especially with chronic degenerative disc disease in my neck and back. He has seen me through several spine surgeries, as well as shoulder, elbow and knee problems. Each time he combines his complete knowledge of the body with his national level expertise in dry-needling and his top intuitive sense of what is needed. He always includes education in my visits so that I have exercises and studies to do on my own. He has a terrific staff that supports his work. He has made appropriate referrals as needed including to a top spine surgeon in Denver who really helped my neck. I totally recommend Chris West Physical Therapist. "
Nov 07, 2018
"I arrived at Pace West when my insurance carrier didn’t cover my previous Boulder PT—my PT gave Pace West a hearty recommendation. Since my first visit in early June to support my knee replacement surgery recovery, I have been impressed by the depth of staff experience and expertise—super knowledgeable, friendly, and with great teaching style that supports and encourages my healing! Darcy and Joe have been stand outs. If you want the massage of your life, try Robyn—a former PT, her weekly massages have been an excellent companion to PT appts. Cannot recommend Pace West enough. Thanks for everything! Cathy Hill"
Nov 02, 2018
"I have been a patient at Pace-West for a little over a year now. While I have had numerous encounters with physical therapy over my lifetime of physical challenges, starting with a brush with polio as a child, it seems that I have saved my greatest challenge for all of the staff at Pace-West, and they have proven themselves to be more than up to the major task of repairing and restoring the aftermath of an assault by modern drugs on an assorted number of my tendons. Paul Fohrman has been an on-going presence in directing my primary provider, Christine Flynt, who has been the integral part of the rehabilitation process that has taken many turns as the full extent of the damage inflicted on me has become manifest. Without the absolute confidence inspired by this team, I don’t see how my recovery could have ever progressed at all. And I would be remiss if I didn’t note the performance of your front office staff in working with my busy schedule to allow me to prioritize my well-being while meeting my work-related obligations. I know that the Pace-West team will be an important part of my life for a long time to come. But without all of these skilled and caring professionals , this long time would likely not be so long at all. I am grateful that they are here for me."
Sep 17, 2018
" I highly recommend the Pace & West physical therapy team including Nancy Barnard, office manager. They are all very knowledgable and friendly professionals. I really appreciate their welcoming attitude. I have received excellent treatment from Chris West, Paul Fohrman and Katie Andrews 3 years ago for sciatica back pain (including dry needle treatment from Chris ) and more recently in July and August for a badly sprained ankle. Chris was especially helpful at explaining my condition and the PT treatments for it. Now I am back hiking again and feeling great. I particularly recommend physical therapist and dry needlers Chris West co - funder of Pace & West. He is very professional, competent, extremely knowledgable , thoughtful , honest, very committed to help. I can't say enough good things about him. "
Aug 21, 2018
"I scheduled an appointment with Paul upon a friend's recommendation to explore dry-needling as healing/pain relief route for a lower leg ski injury. After completing a comprehensive evaluation during my first visit, Paul charted a combined strengthening and dry-needling treatment path for us to follow over the course of six weeks. Paul's expertise, patient-first, comprehensive approach was the difference maker for me getting back on my feet, pain-free, in time for cycling season and to participate in multiple century events. I highly recommend Paul and will seek any other physical therapy needs I may have in the future from him or other therapists at PaceWest. "
Aug 08, 2018
"I highly recommend Pace West for physical therapy I had chronic lower back and SI joint pain for months and was concerned that it was going to be permanent. Chris West did an amazing job for me. I was discharged after a few weeks working with him. My back feels great. I am so grateful. My partner had a total knee replacement a few months ago and he also worked with Chris West and had excellent results. I have worked with other practitioners at Pace West for other issues and found them all very skilled. "
May 31, 2018


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"The Pace West staff is professional and courteous. I have been going there for almost
4 years now and have had nothing but positive experiences. The therapists are qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable. I have made great strides in resolving my injuries thanks to an excellent team at Pace West."

- Amy

With an incisive understanding of people and the body, Trevor Pace is a gifted healer, whose ever increasing knowledge of techniques, therapies, and exercises have healed me after a traumatic injury, lessened my chronic pain, and allowed me to resume my sporting activities and workout regimes with more rigor than before. Trevor is one of the few Physical Therapists I've seen to give me hope and restore my bodily health. Additionally, he is sensitive, smart, and witty. His intelligence is only matched by his compassion. I've also received similarly attentive care from other Pace West specialists. The reception staff is concerned and very helpful. Pace West is no run of the mill PT clinic, but a truly care-giving practice.

- Maureen

Chris West is an excellent physical therapist. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about his practice, he is kind and thoughtful and honestly seems to care about the reason you have chosen him to help you. He has been instrumental in my healing process and in providing me with exercises and self-care tips that will help further my treatment results. I would highly recommend Chris as one of the best physical therapists, and dry needlers in particular, that I have found in Boulder.

- A.M.

I met Paul five years ago after the repair of a torn rotator cuff. Four years later I was back for post surgical rehabilitation of the other rotator cuff and am currently a patient for rehabilitation for my neck with almost 80 years of wear and tear. Paul answered all my questions, carefully assessed the situation, and explained to me what our goals would be in the coming weeks. There was never a time that he pushed me too hard, never a time that the rehabilitation aggravated the shoulder or neck, and never a time that I didn’t look forward to going in.

- L.C.

I highly value my therapist, Katie, because she has knowledge of body systems and mechanics. She has the ability to analyze what’s wrong with my body and what’s needed. She has the skills that enable her to prescribe the right combination of exercises, stretching, and massage to enable me to build back my strength. Unfortunately, through the last couple years, I’ve had to deal with knee, back, and thorax problems. In every case, she and the entire Pace West staff have been extremely pleasant and helpful in overcoming my problems and navigating access to my insurance benefits.

- Karen

After a successful post-surgical physical therapy program for my ankle managed by Dr. Trevor Pace, I didn't hesitate to call upon his expertise/service again after severe injury to my shoulder. In my previous experience with Dr. Pace, he demonstrated advanced skills as a diagnostician so I felt completely comfortable going straight to him instead of to my medical doctor. After a thorough examination, Dr. Pace diagnosed my condition and referred me to the most recognized orthopedic shoulder specialist in town. The orthopedic consultation and MRI both confirmed Dr. Pace's initial diagnosis, and to surgery I went. Although Pace West Physical Therapy was not an in-network provider under my insurance plan, they offered a flexible and affordable treatment plan that met my needs. Needless to say I'm back. The cost is reasonable, the care exceptional, and best of all the outcomes are great. Recently, I referred my mother to receive care for a chronic hip problem. Both of us are very satisfied customers. Thanks so much Dr. Pace and the staff at Pace West Physical Therapy.

- Brendan

After I was injured in a gymnastics accident at 17, my life changed dramatically. My years as a gymnast, as well as an active teen were over. I endured chronic piercing pain on an everyday basis. That was until I was referred to the clinicians at Pace West Physical Therapy. Through years of specialized physical therapy with them, I have learned to manage my everyday pain to a livable level. Now, not only can I function like a normal young adult, I can actually live like one. They have helped me take back my life through pain management and corrective physical therapy. I owe everyone at Pace West Physical Therapy a great deal of thanks. Not many people are as fortunate as I to have met such an extraordinary group of talented professionals. I have been lucky enough to call them my friends.

- Brooke

I just wanted to drop a note and again tell you how transformational my experience at Pace West Physical Therapy was. The help you provided went far beyond the simple 'diagnose and treat' model I think we have come to expect from our Health Care Professionals. I am sure you could have diagnosed my problem over the phone, but you took the time to get a sense of my daily routines and find out what might be causing my symptoms with a view to how we might address the cause, as opposed to just fixing the problem. From my first visit, you gave me practical and easily implemented strategies for making small adjustments to my daily routine that have paid huge dividends.

Your approach felt grounded in a sincere commitment to me, your patient. You took the time to show me props and illustrations that gave me a thorough understanding of exactly where my pain was originating and gave me a clear sense of what activities (or lack thereof) might be aggravating my condition. With that knowledge you empowered me to take responsibility for my own well-being in a way that I simply never would have thought of before. All of this was done in a very accessible way, which may be at the heart of your success. After one session I felt conversant in the anatomy of the spinal column and as they say, knowledge is power.

But you didn't stop there. After our first session I had questions and had no trouble reaching you by either phone or email and you took the time to answer me in every possible dimension. But again, you didn't stop there. After my second visit, you followed-up with me to make sure everything was going well. You have raised the bar for what I now expect from health care providers.

Needless to say, my experience with Pace West Physical Therapy has been nothing short of life-changing. After you suggested that sitting at my desk for 12 hours a day may be contributing to disk compression, I got rid of my chair, raised my desk and stood all day instead of sitting. This helped immensely, but I thought, 'what would Trevor do' and decided I could be even more proactive about my health. I mounted a desk to a treadmill and now average 11 miles a day while I work!

My only regret is that I have no need to experience your world-class service anymore! Many thanks from an exceedingly happy customer.

- Duane

Pace West Physical Therapy is user-friendly. Whereas most healthcare providers seem distracted with one's insurance coverage and scheduling, Pace West Physical Therapy spends its energy caring for its patients. That shows me that the therapists are there to heal, not to collect. Furthermore, the clinic is always a quiet and calm place to visit. This enables treatments to be focused and un-interrupted. I appreciate the dedication and passion the clinicians exemplifies for the physical therapy field. I trust that I am getting the most up-to-date methods of care and the most thorough attention to my needs.

- Matt

To all the good PT's at Pace West Physical Therapy! Thank you for the excellent assessment/work with my quads and nerve L4-L5. Tingling in my left quad... it's progressively getting better! With your guidance, I am rediscovering swimming and stretching.

- Jim

I began seeing Trevor Pace with neck pain from what I thought was a bone out of place in the back of my neck. It became sore while I sat for extended periods of time in my office chair, and when I exercised.

During my first visit, Trevor thoroughly diagnosed me with an open mind and took the time to explore all possible causes of the pain. Through professional therapeutic manipulations, he discovered that my hips were not properly aligned. This caused further mal-alignment in my back and neck. Over the period of several visits with Trevor, I began to feel more synchronicity in my body's alignment and felt stronger and more confident with both my sitting and standing postures.

It has been almost a year from the date of my last treatment and I am still, thankfully without discomfort. I owe this to Trevor's therapy and prevention teachings.

- Matthew

A fit and trim woman in her forties is making the bed after she has exercised for an hour. As she pulls up the bedspread, searing pain in her lower back drops her to her knees. While the moral of the story should be 'stop doing housework, it's bad for you,' the truth is this type of low back injury is years and years in the making. Having been diagnosed with a slight tear and disc bulge, as payment for my housework, I began the process of rehabbing, wishing I had a story with more flair that I could tell about my injury!

When I first came to Pace West Physical Therapy, I could not stand up straight. Sitting for more than 20 minutes put my back into spasm. I was not in pain only when I was lying down on ice. In other words I was a real mess. From the first session with the PT onward, I felt relief from not only the exercises and stretches that the PT's did with me, but from the simple 'at home' program that brought me relief during my rehab.

The clinicians have educated themselves beyond the old range-of-motion physical therapy paradigm and utilize cutting edge physical technology specific to disc injuries. Their education combined with a gentle and compassionate demeanor makes for a true healing experience.

- Stephanie

I am that young woman. Due to an inflamed/loose SI joint, I have been plagued with constant piriformis pain since I was 16. I couldn't remember a time when I did not have a sore bum. It has been through the constant care of Pace West Physical Therapy that I have been able to regain strength, heal, and resume regular physical activity.

Trevor, in his unique gentle manner, combined physical manipulation, stretching, and exercise to start me on the road to recovery. And, he threw in a lot of humor, parenting anecdotes, and important tips on how to strive to live a stress-free life. I appreciated Trevor's constant desire to stay ahead of the curve... wrapping in cutting-edge physical therapy techniques into my treatment regime.

And you can't beat the office staff. It was a pleasure to interact with the warm staff when scheduling appointments and dealing with billing/insurance issues. Most of all, I have loved the special individualized care that I have received from Pace West Physical Therapy. I did not feel like just another patient.

Pace West Physical Therapy is a source of healing for many of us here in Boulder County. Thanks for the wonderful care!

- Molly