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Boulder, Colorado is commonly recognized as the “Fitness Capital” of the U.S.

It is the home of many world-class athletes and an even larger population of those who live to be active and PLAY! For over 2 decades, the practitioners at Pace West PT have not only successfully treated their own personal sport related injuries but have helped rehabilitate thousands of athletes of all ages and activity levels.

Whatever your game is, be it hiking the Rocky Mountains, playing recreational soccer, or competing for your next Iron Man, we have extensive professional experience and training in keeping you in, AND, on top of your game.

All of our therapists are specialists in the area of sports medicine, which focuses on physical fitness, performance, and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries related to athletes. We use the latest in exercise science, sport rehabilitation, evidence based injury prevention and numerous cutting edge therapeutic techniques for managing your body’s optimal performance and health. Throughout the course of your therapy, our therapists implement measurable objective testing and physical/biomechanical movement screens to determine if you are ready for the rock, pitch, court, water, snow or trail.

Consider Pace West PT your partner in health and let us help you achieve a long and fulfilling athletic life.

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