Doctors of Physical Therapy: Who are We?

Doctors of Physical Therapy: Who are We?

We are clinical specialists who diagnose, manage, and treat neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) orthopedic maladies on an outpatient basis. Our orthopedic clinical evaluation and examination allows us to diagnose NMS issues more accurately than most other health care providers, including medical doctors and surgeons. (1)

We are "direct access state" medical providers. This means we are recognized as "first-line" healthcare practitioners. We can prescribe over-the-counter medication and supplements to help manage pain and inflammation. We can provide consultation about diagnostic testing (MRI, X-Ray, CAT) and additional interventions such as injection therapies and surgery. We can differentially diagnose by performing a systems review in order to rule in/out non-orthopedic health issues. We read orthopedic diagnostic images and their associated radiology reports.

We are evidence-based practitioners. This means we have immediate, onsite access to the most extensive medical databases worldwide. We do thorough research and then integrate the strongest, most current empirical evidence into our treatments.

We are orthopedic manual physical therapy experts. Manual physical therapy is a hands-on, scientifically proven approach used to assess and treat the whole body, restoring function and eliminating pain. We are legally licensed by the state of Colorado to perform all forms of manual manipulation. Depending on the situation, we will use different techniques to adjust joints in a variety of ways. Much like chiropractors and osteopaths, we frequently perform safe high velocity low amplitude thrusts (HVLAT) to joints of the body causing a cavitation or "pop," providing immediate relief. We also use gentle neuromuscular non-thrust adjustments as needed.

We are medical authorities in the diagnosis and treatment of the following: movement dysfunctions, myofascial/soft tissue problems, all orthopedic injuries, rib issues, peripheral neuropathies, cranial issues, biomechanical conditions of the spine and extremities, gait disturbances, whiplash, mild to moderate balance problems, pre and post-orthopedic surgical clients, all sport injuries, stroke rehab, and other diseases (MS, CP, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, etc.) on an outpatient basis only.

We are teachers and educators. We have the knowledge base, teaching skills, resources, and time to educate each and every one of our clients about their NMS conditions. Unlike other medical practices, here at Pace West PT you can consult with a Doctor of Physical Therapy about your condition, one on one, for up to 40 minutes!

We are patient advocates. Doctors of Physical Therapy are invited to "sit at the table" with regards to medical care policy making. We act as advocates on your behalf to help protect your healthcare rights and get you the medical services you need to fully recover.

We are professionally connected. We have collegial relations with a long list of top-notch medical professionals in their respective fields on a local, national, and international level. If our patients' needs fall outside the scope of our practice, we can, and often do, refer our clients to the best specialists in their region.

We are scientifically supported. There is mounting scientific evidence that proves Doctors of Physical Therapy provide a more effective and cost-conscious evaluation and treatment for back pain compared to surgery or seeing a medical doctor.

So the next time you are HURT, visit the doctors at Pace West Physical Therapy FIRST!

(1) Childs, J.;Whitman,J;Sizer,P: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders.2005, 6:32.