Chris West, PT, MPT

Chris West, PT, MPT

Trevor L. Pace, PT, DPT, MS

Chris West, PT
Co-Founder of Pace West Physical Therapy

Chris has worked in the Boulder community since 1994. In collaboration with Trevor and Darcy Pace, he co-founded Pace West Physical Therapy in 2011. He received his Master’s of Physical Therapy degree from Chapman University in 1993 and has continued to take regular courses in manual therapy and orthopedics to keep up with current concepts in rehabilitation. He is an assistant instructor in Trigger Point Dry Needling techniques for the Kinetacore program based in Colorado.

Chris continues to treat a full schedule of patients while administrating the clinical staff and facility. He is effective in treating cervical, thoracic, and lumbar injuries, mixing patient education, manual therapy, dry needling, and hands-on techniques with stabilization and rehab exercises. As an avid back-country skier, cyclist and outdoor recreationist, Chris can relate well to the frustrations of not being able to perform the activities that one loves because of injury. He has consulted on several orthopedic pamphlets for Kramer / Stay Well, providing content information for revisions of their medical community materials. Chris spends his free time raising two children and getting outside in the mountains as much as possible.

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