The ACL Continuum

The ACL Continuum

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Continuum

The ACL Continuum includes prevention (performance-based ACL injury prevention), prehabilitation (post-injury preparation for surgery), and rehabilitation (post-surgical rehabilitation). At Pace West, we have collectively helped hundreds of ACL clients.

There are an estimated 80,000 - 250,000 injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) per year in the United States, and surgeons perform about 100,000 ACL reconstructions annually.

Approximately 70% of all ACL injuries are not caused by contact with another person or object. The incidence of noncontact ACL injuries is greater in sports that require multidirectional movement, such as rapid deceleration, pivoting, and landing after jumps. ACL injuries account for 20% of all athletic knee injuries.

Prevention programs especially among female athletes, have proven to be successful at substantially reducing the incidence of ACL injury. Engaging in training programs that focus on dynamic balance and strength, body awareness and decision making, targeted core and trunk control, plus lower extremity plyometrics, and stretching, successfully reduce noncontact ACL injuries. We enthusiastically provide these services.

Prehabilitation prepares you for surgery. If the surgery is delayed until after the swelling has subsided, range of motion has returned, and a normal gait pattern (adequate muscular control) has been established, the risk of postoperative complications is drastically reduced. We enjoy building a preoperative relationship with our clients as we prepare them for surgery, laying the foundation for a successful postoperative rehabilitation.

ACL rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction surgery has improved significantly over the last three decades. It’s now normal to be able to bear weight and move your knees shortly after surgery. We emphasize functional, weight-bearing, full-body exercise progressions so that clients can quickly return to their desired activities. Let Pace West Physical Therapy be your partner in helping you to reach your ACL rehab goals. All of our therapists have been injured athletes at one time or another, and we know how to get you back in the game.

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