The PWPT Treatment Continuum

The PWPT Treatment Continuum

Whatever your needs are, we have your outpatient orthopedic healthcare needs covered.

  • If you want to lower your injury risk
  • If you are preparing for surgery or have just had surgery
  • If you are training for your next triathlon
  • If you have just experienced an acute injury... whatever point you enter The Pace West Treatment Continuum, our staff has the knowledge, tools, and experience to meet your specific healthcare needs. Where do you fit?

We have the skills to treat you throughout your lifespan. On a daily basis, our schedules are filled with patients of all ages. It's very common for us to see a young pediatric patient one session and a geriatric patient the next. We frequently treat whole families - from great grandparents to mom, dad, and the kids!

It's a given that throughout one's lifespan, functional and fitness levels change. Sometimes these changes are mild. For example, Achilles tendonitis causes a period of temporary inactivity. Sometimes these changes are drastic, such as a total hip replacement. No matter what shape you are in, our staff supports you physically and emotionally as you make strides toward regaining your optimal function and fitness.

Boulder, Colorado is known for its plethora of health and wellness practices. Our therapists are sensitive to your healthcare preferences. Be it a traditional western approach, a more alternative or eastern approach, or a hybrid of the two, we speak the language. We have the experience to design a treatment program that is just right for you.