Pre / Post Op Therapy

Pre / Post Op Therapy

Prehabilitation is preoperative physical therapy. After a comprehensive evaluation, we will thoroughly educate you about your condition and design a physical therapy program to prepare you for your upcoming surgery.

Depending upon your specific condition, circumstances, and goals, our customized prehabilitation program will reduce pain and swelling, increase joint mobility, improve flexibility, optimize movement patterns and coordination, and build muscle strength.

According to many studies, prehabilitation patients experience lower pain levels, increased strength gains, quicker improvement of functional abilities, and decreased time in physical therapy following surgery.

Inform your surgeon that you are interested in prehablitation to maximize your postoperative outcome.

Following your prehabilitation and surgery, you'll begin postoperative rehabilitation. Many surgeons tell their patients that the success of their surgery depends as much on their rehab as it does on the surgery itself. We have been working with the area's finest orthopedic surgeons for years and have assisted clients in prehab and rehab for joint replacements, ACL reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs, menisectomies, labral repairs, discectomies, spinal fusions, and more. Depending on the surgery, your rehab will typically last from 2-12 weeks. We want you to feel knowledgeable and independent. Our custom, comprehensive home rehab program will help you take control of your pain, restore joint mobility, and gain coordination, strength and mobility, allowing you to take pleasure in your favorite physical activities once more.

The therapists at Pace West have each been rehabilitating patients for decades; we're not getting older we're getting better! We are motivated and excited to remain on the cutting edge of rehab with continuing education courses and independent study. Working with you and your surgeon, we are confident that your rehabilitation will be a success! We can't wait to help you make a full recovery!

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