FMS Testing

FMS Testing

At Pace West Physical Therapy we use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as an assessment tool to help us evaluate an individual’s basic movement and injury risk when returning to activities from injury. The screen consists of seven movement patterns, such as lunging and squatting, which, once performed, yield an objective score. After analyzing the result, we strive to fix faulty movement compensations by administering corrective exercises to improve organic/authentic patterns of motion.

Our therapists oftentimes use elements of the FMS in general clinic appointments, but we offer a complete screen as part of our wellness service. Whether you’re recovering from injury, looking to prevent injury, or interested in moving better, the goal in our clinic is to provide a service to athletes and non-athletes alike that has been scientifically tested to give you the results you want.

During the FMS testing session you will:

  • Undergo the physical FMS
  • Receive a hard copy of your results
  • Have your score analyzed and explained to you
  • Be instructed in test specific, corrective exercises for your home exercise program
  • Be informed as to whether or not you would benefit from additional PT intervention

Initial Test = $70

-40 minute testing session with our FMS Specialist

Scoring and Follow-up Treatment

Once you receive your score you can opt to choose one of our corrective treatment packages below:

Score of 8 or below: initial visit + 4 visits + re-test = $422

Score of 9-13: initial visit + 2 visits + re-test = $246

Score of 14-21: initial visit + free re-test = $70

Note: Re-test given a minimum of 4 weeks after prescription of corrective exercises

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