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Repetitive Motion Injuries are among the most common injuries in the United States. Arm pain can be debilitating -- keeping you from doing the things you love. Don't let hand, wrist, elbow or arm pains slow you down.

Armaid is a simple, cost-effective treatment designed to keep you at your best at home, work or play.

Armaid is a breakthrough, self-administered, massage device. It is designed for people suffering from repetitive strain injuries (including carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and tendonitis) to the forearm, wrist, hand and elbow who are willing to take action for their own health.

Armaid provides a deep tissue massage to the muscles and the other soft tissue of your upper limbs. Armaid opens up tight muscles, tendons and ligaments anywhere in your forearm and hand and allows you to help yourself when and where you need help. You simply sit in a chair and strap Armaid to your thigh. It's equipped with snap-in therapy rollers (hard balls for the forearm, soft balls for the wrist and hand) and supportive padding.

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