Why Us? Why Now?

Why Us? Why Now?

Culture of Safety

Since day one of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been methodically and tirelessly implementing logical and reasonable advanced safety practices that will help keep everyone as safe as possible. Safety is a priority for us and we have worked through all the “bugs” (haha) adopting new sanitization procedures such as daily patient/staff screening, UV/Ozone sterilization, mandatory face coverings, appropriate social distancing and patient education which is unique to our clinic size, space and operations. You will feel comfortable, cared for and safe here at PWPT.

Smaller is Better

You will feel safer at PWPT compared to other larger medical facilities. We maintain low patient volume with one-on-one care in carefully sanitized private treatment rooms. Limiting your exposure is a priority of ours.

We are preparing for the future

We are committed to delivering the highest quality treatments with safe, effective and convenient in-person and virtual sessions. We are staying on top of current mandates and are committed to shifting with the times as needed to maintain safety for all.

Embracing Telehealth

We understand that home may be the safest option for many of you. We now offer private and secure telehealth services on a HIPAA compliant Medbridge platform which integrates video exercise demos, self massage techniques, injury education and many more creative approaches to treating a variety of diagnoses. Even our therapists are surprised at how effective these sessions have been.

Essential Workers / Doctors of PT

PT’s have been designated as essential workers. Consider us a stop-gap measure during crisis time.

Multidisciplinary Practitioners

Don’t let your care lapse when your other healthcare providers are unavailable. We are multidisciplinary practitioners specializing in needling, manipulations, soft tissue release, exercise and much more. Be prepared and establish a relationship with one of our PT’s today!

Musculoskeletal Experts

We are clinical specialists who diagnose, manage, and treat neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) orthopedic maladies on an outpatient basis. Our orthopedic clinical evaluation and examination allows us to diagnose NMS issues more accurately than most other health care providers, including medical doctors and surgeons.

Deep Roots and Commitment

We are a successful, family owned and operated company that is 100% invested in our clientele. We have deep roots and commitment having served our community for over 20 years.