Emily Wingeier, Massage Therapist

Emily Wingeier, Massage Therapist

Brenda Gilbertson, Administrative Assistant

Emily Wingeier, Massage Therapist

With over 9000 hours of training, Emily Wingeier has solutions to address your musculoskeletal issues. Her intuitive touch, endless reservoir of knowledge and deep toolbox makes Emily a versatile and successful massage therapist.

Areas of study: Bodywork, Kinesiology, Nutritional and Herbal Medicine, Somatic Psychology, and Vibrational and Energy Medicine.

Degrees earned: Bachelors in Behavioral Sciences from Regis University, two Masters in Education from the University of Colorado.

Techniques available: Swedish, Trigger point, Sports, Prenatal, Muscle Activation, Muscle Reactivity, Myofascial techniques, Orthopedic massage, Energy and Applied Kinesiology, Neural Organization Technique, Reflex Integration, Craniosacral, Acupressure.

Satisfied clients had diagnoses including: musculoskeletal dysfunction, concussion/TBI, CVA, vestibular dysfunction, neuropathy.

Exploration of the nature and science of healing brought Emily to Boulder in 1982, Pace West PT is excited and honored to currently bring such a skilled and resourceful therapist to our clinic/community.